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Spray Tan
Hands on training + Certificate

Become a certified spray tanning technician in one day. Our comprehensive course will help prepare you to own and operate your own sunless business.

Spray Tan Course option

Why you should book a 1-1 course with us

Achieving the perfect tan begins with the knowledge of the product you are using and a general understanding of the science behind the art of tanning. During the training we will walk you through the basics and mechanics of spray tanning. By the end of this course you will have the benefit of expert knowledge to complete the perfect tan. Our tans are specifically designed to be different and applicable to all skin types. We use our own unique technologies, such as one hour tanning, ultra-dark formulas, and custom-made colors, designed specifically for the client’s skin type. Our passion and number one goal is to create the picture perfect tan. We are committed to continuously learning, improving our techniques and reaching others. This course comes fully equipped with the tools, including a full kit with Sunless Tanning Machine, Tent, Solutions, Barrier Cream and more. Upon the completion of this course you will receive your certificate in the spray tan industry and have the knowledge and confidence required to take your first client.

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