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Advanced Permanent Makeup-Lash Line Enhancement 2 Day course

( optional 3rd day)

Interested in mastering a single technique?  Learn to create eyeliner that will give your client a more youthful appearance. 

chicago lash line training

What makes us different?

 16 hours / $3,500

$1000 deposit to reserve your date + additional day(s) if needed for $1000 (8 hours per day)

 We will cover the following subjects:


• Safety & Proper Sanitation

• OSHA, CDC, and SPCP Standards 

• Legalities & State Requirements 

• Properly Educating Clients 

• Skin Theory 

• Color Theory

• Golden Ratio Brow Mapping

• Intro to Machines

• Needle Sizes & Configurations 

• Machine Techniques

• Proper Depth/Pace/Stretching• Patterns 

• Solutions to Unusual Scenarios 

• Lighting & Photography 

• Client Forms  

• Product List & Sources 

• Starting up your PMU Business

  • Work on a Live Model, students are encouraged to provide their own this is to allow you to follow this client through the entire process. We know that isn’t always possible but it's nice to know you can.  We will provide one for you if you choose not to bring one. 

You must register for Day Three at the time of registration, live model slots are very limited.


Classroom Training 

​Our in-person classes are kept small with a maximum of 2 students max ensuring each student receives ample one-to-one attention. Classes are held in our dedicated training facility & consist of classroom-based theory, live demos, and plenty of practice time. Dallora Beauty Academy adheres to strict health and safety guidelines and we are committed to providing a safe training environment that includes physical distancing.

In this course, you will learn multiple techniques, along with theories to help you understand the WHYs and HOWs. With this knowledge, you will be able to adjust your technique based on each client scenario, which will take your work from good to GREAT.

At Dallora Beauty Academy we recognize that every individual acquires knowledge and understanding in different ways. We provide a variety of learning experiences and activities to ensure every student has a learning entry point in order to be successful.

Financing is currently unavailable.

Sign up today and begin to learn a new and in-demand skill that will further your career! 

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