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Hair extension or wig step by step tutorial. Blonde long hair with balayage or ombre hairs

Hair extensions

Dallora Beauty is proud to offer the most modern and up-to-date extension methods.

What makes “hand-tied” weft extensions unique versus machine-made wefts is that the seam of the weft is very thin and flexible, allowing them to lay flat against your head when installed. This makes them not only comfortable to wear but undetectable no matter how you wear your hair. 

Hand-tied wefts can be used to add fullness and length, and are 100% customized to each client's unique color, length, and texture. This extension method requires no tape, glue, or heat for application, making them ideal for clients worried about damage or wanting to protect their natural hair.

These extensions can be worn 8-10 weeks before needing to be moved up, and our top-quality hand-tied wefts.  If you take care of them properly -- they can last up to 9 months!

Whether you’re hoping to achieve a dramatic transformation with extensions or simply looking for the confidence-boost that comes with having fuller hair, hand-tied hair extensions are the gentlest option among non-temporary extensions methods and deliver the most natural-looking results.


Extensions are extremely customizable, with endless possibilities.

Palatine Illinois Hair extension

Discounted Model Call 

COST: Price of hair with complimentary installation

- must be a hand tied extension candidate 

- must not be a current client

At Dallora Beauty, we make continuing education with all current trends, styles, and techniques a top priority. We are always looking for models that would love a top-notch service at a discounted price. The entire process will be overseen by one of Dallora Beauty’s educators.

Why do you need extensions? For fullness, length, struggling with something? Tell us why we should pick you! Get in touch and we can see if you are the best candidate!

We will be in touch shortly! 

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